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Heating Services & Underfloor Heating Case Study

  • Site Location : Cookham Dean, Berkshire
  • Application : New Domestic Annex Building
  • Date of Installation : March 2011

Client Brief

  • To have spontaneous hot water on an ad-hoc basis within the new annex building – ¬†¬†which would not be continually occupied
  • For the gas installer to connect onto and heat the underfloor heating pipework – already laid by the main building contractor
  • For the gas installer to specify and install suitable controls for the underfloor heating and boiler
  • To locate the boiler in the basement

The Solution
To supply and fit a Baxi Platinum 28He high efficiency condensing combination boiler within the basement area. This appliance is ideally suited to a basement installation and provided 9.8 litres of instantaneous hot water per minute – and plenty of capacity for the under floor heating.

The discreet location of the boiler within the basement is an ideal position but it did bring about its own problems. For technical reasons, combination boilers are not generally fitted in below ground applications, but by drawing on our knowledge and experience, we were able to specify the Baxi Platinum boiler model, which has a special device to overcome this.

In order to connect the combination boiler to the under floor heating system we installed special controls to create two independent zones of heating. One zone serves the open plan basement area and a second zone controls the ground floor areas. The basement open plan area is time and temperature controlled by a single programmable room thermostat, and the ground floor heating is linked to three programmable room thermostats providing independent time and temperature control for each area.


On completion of the installation, a fully functional highly efficient heating and hot water system was operational. Hot water is heated on demand instantaneously, which means no hot water is wasted through storage. The underfloor heating system heats the spaces using water heated to 350C, which compared to 820C for a radiator based system is a 57% reduction in heat requirement.

The high efficiency Baxi boiler operates at 92% combustion efficiency, which means we delivered a very cost efficient, low carbon and effective heating and water system. In addition to this, for long-term peace of mind we were able to provide a five year parts and labour boiler warranty – free of charge.
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