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Commercial Warm Air Central Heating Systems

Your commercial warm air heating requirements will be personal to your type of business and premises, so we won’t try and impose a ‘one size fits all’ solution to your circumstances and requirements. In this content, our fully trained heating engineers can advise you on your options as part of a truly tailored no-obligation quote.

Factory & Warehouse Warm Air Central Heating

If your company operates from a large volume factory or warehouse, you will likely have space-specific requirements for warm air heating systems that require a tailored approach.

The Climate Solutions team can assist you by designing and installing bespoke heating systems to suit your occupancy needs, based around ceiling suspended or floor standing gas or oil warm air heating systems. We can also install energy efficient ceiling radiant tube heaters.

Our commercial customers are also delighted to learn that modern warm air and radiant heating systems that achieve at least 91% energy efficiencies can benefit from the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). This means you can claim 100% of the ECA in the first year on equipment and installation costs.

Warm Air Heating Systems For Churches, Church Halls & Community Centres

Churches, halls and community centres are often regularly but occasionally used, so any warm air heating system needs to be flexible to the demands of heating a room to a comfortable temperature only once in a while. If you choose the wrong heating solution for this task, it can end up being extremely inconvenient and costing a fortune in running costs.

To this end, our specialist systems such as wall mounted direct fired air heaters are more than up to the task of quickly heating a large cold space at the flick of a switch – meaning volunteers and event organisers don’t have to turn up hours before to heat up the room. Such heating solutions are responsive, efficient, cost effective and very reliable.

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