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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Innovative and energy efficient technology, ground source heat pumps make use of the natural energy stored in the earth to heat your home. Designed to be your sole source of heating and hot water, these systems are suitable for a variety of properties including private homes with gardens and business buildings.

A ground source heat pump consists of a network of ‘ground loop’ piping that is buried in your garden. Water and antifreeze are pumped through this network, which absorbs heat from the ground – this is then pumped through a heat exchanger and concentrated into the higher temperatures needed to heat your hot water and radiators.

This continuous low-maintenance process means you not only save money on your heating costs over conventional methods, but can also reduce your carbon footprint with a constant cheap source of renewable energy.

The highly skilled installers at Climate Solutions can advise you a variety of ground heat source technologies to best benefit your existing set up, including system heat pumps which require a single cylinder and can be used alongside solar heating, plus combi systems which make use of an integrated cylinder.

Whatever solution is right for your home of business, the savings you make in the long-term could be considerable. For every single kilowatt of electricity used to power the ground source heat pumps themselves, your new system could generate over four kilowatts in energy for your home or commercial premises.

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