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Power Flushing Services

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the power flushing procedure, but this essential service helps to remove sludge and limescale that can build up in your pipework and radiators – causing poor circulation and a noisy boiler.

Sludge in your central heating system also has a corrosive effect on your pipes and components, shortening their life and causing leaks and failures if not treated.

That’s why more and more customers are requesting that our fully trained power flushing engineers carry out this procedure to ensure the smooth performance and reliability of their heating systems. All our work on existing systems and on new boiler installations is carried out in accordance with BS:7593, giving you complete peace of mind that our highly experienced heating engineers are conforming to relevant power flushing legislation.

How Does Power Flushing Work?

Firstly, a Climate Solutions heating engineer will connect a power flushing hose to your central heating system – pumping in cleaning chemicals that break down harmful sludge, limescale, left over joint compounds and mineral oil – and all the waste will be pumped down a fowl drain.

Once this is completed, a neutralising agent or ‘inhibitor’ is pumped into your central heating system to slow down the rate of sludge build up in future. After your system has undergone power flushing, it is important to add this inhibitor annually to keep your pipework completely clean and free from contaminants.

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