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Renewable Energy Heating Systems

Choosing renewable energy heating systems over conventional fossil fuel driven alternatives is fast becoming the preferred option for many homeowners and companies. Your decision to use renewables for your central heating system can pay off both environmentally and financially – with a commitment made to future sustainability and lower long-term fuel costs.

At Climate Solutions, we want to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date professional advice on renewable energy, the heating solutions available and how we can install them for you. With programmes such as ‘feed in tariffs’ and other financial incentives offered by the Government, changing to renewable energy heating systems can mean your initial investment is paid off relatively quickly – opening the door to a lifetime of cheaper power and heating.

The facts behind renewable energy systems speak for themselves:

  • Renewables are playing a key role in helping the UK achieve its carbon reduction goals
  • Diminishing fossil fuels have been driving up the price of oil and gas, improving paybacks on renewable heating systems
  • Renewable energies are becoming more viable due to improved technologies at more affordable prices
  • Financial incentives introduced by the Government in 2010 are to be broadened out further to cover other renewable technologies

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